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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

tell them that i love them

i was listening to this in the car all day, stamping my feet and singing at the top of my lungs! i probably looked retarded, but who cares! i love the orchids!

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Hi Mordi
Nice 60s feelgood pop to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside groups like The Pixies Three, The Angels etc.
I have never heard of The Orchids but will be tuned into them from now on(How old were they as they look like schoolkids) and were they a U.S group?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 February, 2006 19:05  

The Orchids were 15 year old schoolgirls from Coventry in the UK.

They also released a few songs in America under the name of The Exceptions- but they changed their sound along with their name.

The Orchids didn't have much success, and only relased a few singles- but they RULE!

check out this AMAZING page dedictaed to the girls:

By Blogger mordi, at 21 February, 2006 20:30  

Hi Mordi
Thanks for the info,i will check out the website.
I should be ashamed of myself a group like this from my own country and i had never heard of them till your posting.
Its amazing for any group to have a sound like that at a young age.
Once again thanks for the education.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 February, 2006 22:21  

the orchids links is not working

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 February, 2006 01:57  

Ack! Please help! I love "Mr. Scrooge" and am dying to hear this one.

By Blogger Erik Grotz, at 25 February, 2006 04:45  

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