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Sunday, January 29, 2006

how many hands is it please?

someone requested white horses by jackie- i don't know that version- but i do love claudines!
click claudine here

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Hi Mordi
A good request as i have wanted to hear this song myself for a while.
The only version i know is the classic Jacky (Jackie Lee)version which is imprinted on so many minds of 1960s children (I remember well the tv series from which it came when i was a kid in London at the time)
The series was crap but there was something magical about the song and Claudine puts in a strong performance and if this was the original version it would still be a good one.
For me Jacky still just takes the honours on this one due in part to a better guitar solo and those old happy memories of mine that i link up with when i hear her original.
So to sum up i think that Claudines will be the best cover version that can ever be of this song and thanks to the person who requested it and to yourself for allowing me to enjoy it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 January, 2006 13:33  

I'm the one who requested it and yes, Claudine's version is a good one. Nice dreamy voice. Still, the original is better. I actually have it as a bad quality recording, but would love to have in good quality. Also, I don't think that I've ever heard that one in stereo, being the stereo fetishist I am ...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 January, 2006 17:37  

I've only heard Jacky's version (which I have on cassette, otherwise I'd e-mail you an mp3), so it was cool to hear Longet's version. The original is a bit faster and less ethereal as I recall, but Claudine does the song justice. Nice legs too. Oh, and if you're taking requests, I'd love to hear "Guilty" by the Pearls!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 January, 2006 00:14  

i had to hear the original after hearing this fab claudine version, and lucky for me, with my p2p magic touch, i found a great quality one. you know where to find me if you want a copy.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 January, 2006 11:46  

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