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Sunday, January 12, 2020

music of the year 2019

madonna - madame x
honor blackman - everything i've got
the music from bagpuss
maelle - maelle
tove lo - sunshine kitty
john phillips presents - man on the moon (new genevieve wait songs)
robyn - honey
electric youth - memory emotion
gemme - retour durable de l'etre aime
rose - kerosene
little boots - jump
chromatics - closer to grey

videos below...

music of the year - chromatics

perfect doll vocals, knowing influences of 80s music, cool lynchian vibes and bleak glamour.

music of the year - rose

music of the year - gemme

gemme consists of elodie fregé, barbara carlotti, loane, nubia esteban and one of the best voices in france right now, alka balbir.

music of the year - electric youth

again. not as good as their first album, nevertheless, this album was a mix of fantastic, dreamy retro synth tunes and atmospheric 80s soundtracks

music of the year - little boots

little boots delved into some deep house on this great e.p.

music of the year - robyn

ok, let's be honest, this album is not as good as her body talk albums but it still has some great beats

music of the year - genvieve waite

how lucky i was to find a handful of new songs not found on geneveive waites brilliant 'romance is on the rise' album. her songs from this failed musical venture have brought me a lot of joy. when she sings ' birds are flying upside down..." -her voice is just brilliant

music of the year - tove lo

i think tove lo has been in my music of the year list with every album she''s released.
great duet with kylie showcases her pop sensibilities

music of the year - maëlle

calogero penned a whole album for frances 'the voice' winner. nice

music of the year - bagpuss

sandra kerr and john faulkener sing beautiful,charming, folky and funny tunes from classic tv show. recommended even if you no idea who bagpuss is.

music of the year - honor blackman

i'm sure you gainsbourg fan will recognise this tune.
the album is fantastic - she has a huge tongue in her cheek throughout.

music of the year - madonna

madame x - not really a set of songs, more a concept album. a piece of art. i love it

Saturday, October 26, 2019

more more more

while we're on the subject of jeanette in english - let's not forget the brilliant society's child


Sunday, October 20, 2019

jeanette in english

 pic-nic and jeantette.  listen up for 4 english language versions of some pic-nic classics. i'm in love with 'you've heard my voice'


Sunday, July 28, 2019


this song popped into my head this morning. i hadn't heard it for a long time - but it's great no? reminiscent of leonie or lio. fantastique!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

saying goodbye

goodbye genevieve. just one album and a few film appearances plus a couple of songs on 'man on the moon' - a small output with a huge lasting legacy. rest in peace x

Saturday, May 04, 2019

glitter and gold

it's great to have rose back. 
the clips from her upcoming album sound so great. loving this new song

love machine

zazie and calogero have come together again to write this song - sung by the voice contestant maelle. i love it (very calogero pomme c era)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

song for anita

mariannes latest album is just so so good. i can't recommend it enough. this beautiful song about her friend anita pallenberg is really touching. beautiful video too