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Friday, January 27, 2006

yeah? yeah!

how much do i need this?! (what is it?! a book? a film?) !
check out 'les idoles' here

9 comment(s):

OHMYGOD: it's a film!!!!!!!!!

By Blogger mordi, at 27 January, 2006 10:07  

Read more about it here.
It was re-released in France in 2004.
More trailers here.(2 vidéos disponibles)

By Blogger Bruno, at 27 January, 2006 14:58  

thanks bruno, i'm dying to see it!

By Blogger mordi, at 27 January, 2006 19:23  

i had a feeling that was pierre clementi, looks very interesting!

By Anonymous robert, at 27 January, 2006 19:27  

I saw it several years ago and was a bit disappointed. Not to rain on your parade, but it is really an anti-ye-ye film and a bit tedious at that. Where as just because it is anti doesn't mean it is bad, ala Masculin Feminin, it's rather low budget means there are a lot of long continuous takes. My frenchie friend swears by it though. Maybe now that I understand the language better I might like it.

By Blogger Pink Frankestein, at 27 January, 2006 23:35  

it looks pretty damn great,

By Blogger tinks, at 28 January, 2006 05:43  

Yeah, I still want to see this..

By Blogger Davecat, at 28 January, 2006 07:00  

It's got some damn good music in it by the look of things, even if it is anti-ye-ye, and the leads are obviously meant to be Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan. You can get it at www.revengeismydestiny.com, it seems. The actual image here is of a book that is out in Japan to accompany the Japanese reissue of the film. I'm going to Japan in May so I will look for it, but I think it's mostly Japanese text... Did you get my Caterina Caselli songs Mordi?

By Anonymous Tom K (aka Numanumayay on linked site), at 29 January, 2006 13:33  

The intro song is awesome!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 March, 2006 05:18  

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