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Thursday, February 02, 2006

requested by timo

i'm sure that no blowupdoll fan will complain at a re-post of a doll favourite!
click clothilde here

11 comment(s):

clothilde is for sure a doll favorite. probably one of the best ever in the french panorama of the 60's dolls. And the Ep's cover are so great. I love this doll. Alongside Stella, Pussycat, Zouzou and Jacqueline Taieb.

By Blogger moptop66, at 02 February, 2006 14:03  

No complaints here whatsoever.
Wonderful singer with breath of fresh air songs and great off the wall orchestration too.

By Anonymous YEYEOHYEAH, at 02 February, 2006 15:46  

hoi mordi, thank you so much!
love this song, HEP!!

By Anonymous timo, at 02 February, 2006 19:34  

mordi, you are the greatest!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 February, 2006 11:39  

I thought I had this song when you posted it the first time, but it turns out I didn't. Thanx for the repost, sir!

By Blogger Davecat, at 03 February, 2006 13:06  

perfect !

By Blogger sy!, at 10 February, 2006 00:29  

More please more!

Do you have a picture of the cover of this EP?

bee zoo


By Blogger Pink Frankestein, at 14 February, 2006 02:04  

Stella is the Queen. Smart, witty lyrics like no one else was writing until 3 years later when Lanzmann pens for Dutronc.

But one really interesting thing about Clothilde besides her cool name is that there is one consistent element besides her singing, at least on two of her EPs. (I heard rumor of a 3rd but I don't know.) Germinal Tenas name appears on every cut. He is also the Director Artistique and responsible for the arrangements. He is the sole author on the cut featured here too.

If peeps are interested, I can post the back of the record at my blahg.

I would really like to see a magazine article on Clothilde. I wonder if she ever made it into Salut les copains. I don't see why not.

Does anyone have a year on this?

bee zoo


By Blogger Pink Frankestein, at 14 February, 2006 08:15  

love to see the cover (front or back). despite looking- I've yet to see one of her records appear on Ebay.

By Blogger mordi, at 14 February, 2006 14:42  

Where did you get the track from then?!

I will post them on my next post at bagg blog which if we are all lucky, will happen today!

By Blogger Pink Frankestein, at 14 February, 2006 16:53  

OK, the EP covers are up and they are big and readable (not you need to download them or open them in your own browswer window.)

ALso, i need the 102, 103 song of Clothilde to complete my collection! If you got it.


By Blogger Pink Frankestein, at 14 February, 2006 21:17  

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