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Thursday, February 16, 2006

super doll - the album!

i get so many requests for clothilde re-posts, so i decided to let you have them all at once!
this is it!- she only recorded 8 songs and they are all here.
love them.

24 comment(s):

Wow, amazing stuff! Thanks Mordi!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 February, 2006 23:37  

Mordi, Mordi, Mordi - why are you so fab? :-)
Thanx very much!

By Blogger Davecat, at 17 February, 2006 05:59  

Splendid posting Mordi.
I bet you are going to get loads of thanks for putting this up.
The complete works of Clothilde and what a great set they are too.
Nice one and thanks from me too for completion of her songs (i was missing one).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2006 11:31  

Brilliant. Thanks Mordi.

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 17 February, 2006 12:40  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2006 14:25  

...so now if you could just put up ALL the albums of ALL the girls you have in your ENTIRE library, the world would be a better place! ;-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2006 14:25  

You`re a star!

By Blogger guapo, at 17 February, 2006 15:50  

oooh i luv-a you <3 c

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2006 18:09  

You rule the school. xo!

By Blogger Cathy, at 18 February, 2006 11:48  

Thanks Mordi! ;)

By Blogger Bruno, at 18 February, 2006 17:38  

Okay, I feel bad for always taking your music and never commenting. It was through your blog that I discovered Clothilde and I haven't been able to get enough! You're fabulous. Thanks so much for this.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 February, 2006 06:05  

What should be the correct track order?? Please help me..


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 February, 2006 21:04  

thanks !!!!!!!!!

By Blogger sy!, at 20 February, 2006 21:09  

thanks mordi! blowupdoll rules!
a hug from spain.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 February, 2006 15:43  

great to hear all your comments- glad you liked it!

I've never heard the italian songs she recorded- i'm not sure if they ever surfaced. But i believe them to just be italian versions of the french songs.

there's no particular track order as no album ever existed- this is just all her tracks, so make the most of them as there's no more...sniff!:(

By Blogger mordi, at 21 February, 2006 17:48  

please, re-share these songs too!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 March, 2006 23:57  

genial! impossible beautiful stuff!

mordi for president.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 March, 2006 02:45  

thanks for re-posting this album.

By Blogger jonjim1952, at 08 March, 2006 03:01  

Thanks alot Mordi. Great stuff!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 March, 2006 13:38  

Bless you, my son...I've been looking for her work ever since I heard her on the Swinging Mademoiselle compilations.

Made my year thusfar!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 March, 2006 04:38  

Wow! I'm discovering so much great music here. Thanks a lot for all your hard work. Never heard of clothilde before but I think these are great! Les in London.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 May, 2006 14:54  

It's gone! < sad >

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 May, 2006 17:31  

Damn, I discovered your blog too late!!

I'm desperately searching for her songs!!

D'you know another blogspot where i could find them?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 August, 2006 09:42  

Holly cow ! Too late again !

Thanx anyway that's great a stuff

greetz from France

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 May, 2007 20:19  

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