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Sunday, March 27, 2005

you can't stop me now

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
in honour of blowupdolls new look; the song that inspired my tagline.
also, one of madonnas most overlooked yet brilliant songs.
click madonna here

5 comment(s):

A great redesign for an always great blog. Thanks for the Madge.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 March, 2005 21:21  

Looking good there Mordi!

Top tune as well, I had forgotten all about this classic.

Thanks :)

By Blogger Jon, at 27 March, 2005 21:22  

yay! love this song.
adore the new layout!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 March, 2005 05:46  

Gambler was such a great song, and was even championed on Madge's Virgin tour.

I'm not so sure she's that proud of the song these days.

When will that bitch release a proper video collection that includes everything, rather than edited highlights of her career.

We want the Erotica video, and we want it now.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 March, 2005 18:26  

ack! I missed it! Lovely new look, Mordi!xox

By Blogger Erin, at 04 April, 2005 02:35  

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