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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

diamond doll

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
a sixties chick who's a mix of nico, marianne faithfull, britt ekland in the wicker man, but ultimately 100% original.
click vashti here

4 comment(s):

Great stuff as ever Mordi! Keep it up!

By Blogger Tom K, at 23 March, 2005 22:07  

I love Vashti! She has the air of an extremely fragile acid casualty about her, like a twee-er female Syd Barrett.

By Blogger pedal, at 24 March, 2005 05:41  

Jeeez! what a song! other songs by her to recommend?

By Anonymous Gee, at 24 March, 2005 13:55  

'Diamond Day' the album's very sweet, though my favourite stuff's from before that.

Train Song, Winter is Blue, Love Song are all super. There's a Christmas song she did that's supposed to be excellent, but I've not heard it.

Never heard this before - is it a b side?

I wrote to her once asking if there was anything else from the 60's and she said she was negotiating - hopefully not with Andrew Loog Oldham!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2005 15:17  

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