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Saturday, March 19, 2005

how's annie!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
perhaps by offering one of my fave songs to you, someone will finally be arsed to post a comment!
click annie here

16 comment(s):

Aaaw, poor Mordi!

I log onto the site every single day and snap up your delights.

Please keep up the good work. Loved the Zazie track, loved Cilla's track, bought The Knife's album on the strength of your post.

Sorry if you've been feeling neglected :-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2005 20:54  

I'm with anonymous, I'm here everyday, twice sometimes to see what you've posted....one of my favorite blogs. keep up the good work and keep the French girls coming :)

By Blogger Niandi, at 19 March, 2005 21:17  

awesome blog. you have outstanding taste in music. i especially enjoy the ye-ye girls posts.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2005 23:46  

Thank you Mordi! Wicked stuff as ever! I'm here all the time too. Keep it up!

By Blogger Tom K, at 20 March, 2005 00:21  

I check your site practically every day as well, and I'm rarely disappointed. Just because I fail to leave a comment doesn't mean I don't love you with every ounce of my being. Keep up the fine work!! Ion

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2005 04:58  

Aww poor Mordi! Your blog rocks and I am sorry I don't point that out often enough!

By Blogger Jon, at 20 March, 2005 07:48  

I really love this site! it brings a little fun quirky joy into my ears everyday!

By Anonymous respiro, at 20 March, 2005 07:49  


I knew people were visiting - but due to recent lack of comments I was unsure if people were still enjoying the songs.

But due to all your marvy comments I feel re-energised and ready to share some more groovalicious songs with you all!!!!

By Blogger mordi, at 20 March, 2005 12:00  

Your blog is one of the most original and refreshing ones out there. I love to see what artist you will post next!

I thankyou for choosing to post some of the worlds most fun yet little heard musique out there. Most people only big up the overrated singers from the sixties. You choose something a little different.

Keep it up posting all of the fab-a-licious songs. Thankyou :)

By Anonymous Rachy Rach, at 20 March, 2005 12:55  

Love this site! More Claudine Longet!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2005 16:02  

Oh yes, I agree with the others, I actually visit your site daily for sure, often people tend to forget to leave a message to thank for the love you put into sharing songs you like. I discovered Claudine Longet and lots of other things because of your posts. Great site and tastes (though I'm more oriented to '60s stuff).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2005 02:23  


without you i wouldn't have bridgette b, serge g, or zou zou.
now that i have them, i cannot live without them.


By Anonymous kyle, at 21 March, 2005 03:00  

I love the song selections since you begin posting.
So in return please check this old post, while the mp3s still online:
i'm sure you'll enjoy the songs, if you have not heard them already :)


By Anonymous Gee, at 21 March, 2005 10:30  

I visit daily and love your selections. I'd never have heard 99% of this stuff otherwise, and it's charming. Thanks!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2005 16:13  

i love your site and i love you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 March, 2005 22:01  

and i love you.

By Blogger mordi, at 22 March, 2005 22:30  

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