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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

fluck me

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
if you find a copy of 'diana dors a to z of men' at a charity shop or car boot sale-
buy it. it's hilarious(ly bad) and wonderfully entertaining.
click diana here

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Thanks Mordi! One of Morrissey's favourite tracks I believe. I don't really like his or The Smiths' music but he knows his 60s girls! Back in the late fifties and early 60s Diana was marketed as the British Marylin Monroe, and it's not a completely rubbish comparison... Her right breast is pointier though.

By Blogger Tom K, at 23 March, 2005 22:05  

Diana was fantastic in The Two Ronnies sketch 'The Worm That Turned' and she was also great in the Adam and the Ants 'Prince Charming' video.

High camperama indeed.

Her song is great. She clearly can't sing too well, but she looked fantastic.

Keep up the good work Mordi, your site is fucking ace.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 March, 2005 22:16  

Yup, I *adore* this site and here is another reason why. How deliciously delicious. The lovely Diana. If I see her and Mylene Farmer in my dreams tonight, it will be a wonderful start to my tomorrow....

Keep up the good work! I love this fecking site!!!!

By Anonymous Patrick, at 23 March, 2005 23:12  

The Worm That Turned!!!! BRILLIANT!
I rememeber that- I'm hoping they are going to re-show it on the new Two Ronnies programme.

and for everyones information- I'm not a Morrissey fan!

By Blogger mordi, at 24 March, 2005 09:42  

The "Swingin' Dors" album is a really good record, although it doesn't feature this song. Why someone hasn't released it on CD is beyond me.

By Anonymous clivejuk, at 25 March, 2005 18:34  

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