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Sunday, February 06, 2005

ah ooh ah ooh!

brilliant! punky, pogo pop!
click lene here

3 comment(s):

Mordi, love the site and LOVE Lene Lovich's 'Lucky Number'. It's still one of my favourite tunes after first hearing it as a young boy.

By Blogger Andrew, at 06 February, 2005 11:32  

What a coincidence, I introduced ny wife to this fab record just a couple of weeks ago after we were watching Gwen Stefani on television and I said "this sounds just like Lene Lovich" and she said 'Who?"

By Blogger LondonLee, at 07 February, 2005 21:01  

Eww, I got some stories for you on Lene. L.A. days... Nice to come across some nice blogs for once. Ive been swarmed with Fox new attack bots lately. I guess I asked for it as I'm very pissed at the Bushistas and the US media. Anwyays, nice to meet you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 February, 2005 06:35  

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