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Saturday, January 29, 2005

our songs are better

are you fabulous? like us?
click misfits here

3 comment(s):

Wow! What a fantastic Blog site. A friend who knew I was a lover of international girlie pop sent me a link to the site, and now my 56k modem is working overtime trying to download everything that's still available. Love all the groovy ye-ye stuff (I'm a big Ultra Chicks/Femmes de Paris fan), sunshine pop, modern stuff and the Creatures' "Right Now." You've immediately gone to the top of my favorites list. Nice to see the Misfits here. Were they Gem's arch rival? Perhaps some Barbie & the Rockers or the Rock Flowers might make an appearance on a future date. Anyway, keep up the good work!!!

By Blogger ion, at 29 January, 2005 23:08  

Hey, this is pretty random, but could you please post an MP3 of "Train from Kansas City" by the Shangri-Las sometime? It's a little more mainstream than your usual, but I'm going nuts trying to find it. Thanks so much!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 January, 2005 04:38  

What a great song. I gotta try to make a cover of it...

By Blogger Unknown, at 02 February, 2005 16:41  

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