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Friday, January 28, 2005

doll face

cover version of a france gall song.
and yes, it really does rhyme 'courgette'.
click alizée here

8 comment(s):

You have a brand new fan for your Blog.
I will check back regularly for more goodies.

Thanks for taking the time to share. :)

By Blogger The Monkeyking, at 29 January, 2005 01:46  

ahh, Alizee is one of my favorites!! That song "I'm Not 20" is so perfect. And of course My Lolita as well. Thanks, Mordi!!


By Blogger Erin, at 29 January, 2005 06:57  

hello !
i don't think this song is a cover from france gall , where did you hear that ?
i think it's mylene farmer/ laurent boutonnat who have written it , like all the rest of her two albums.
i think she maid one only cover in her life , which was , la isla bonnita of Madonna , for a show on tv in france with madonna , for the launching of her last album .

By Blogger francelagale, at 01 February, 2005 01:08  

and as i am about alizee ... you will sadly know that mylene farmer has decided to not write her any more songs or produce any album cos she didn't sell enough album ... so i guess she is soing back into the shadow , which is really sad ..
i try to stop myself from writing gossip about alizee but i cant . would you believe that the logo of her name is actually stolen from a bottle a alcohol ( sparkly wine i think ) sold here in the uk ? i was just amazed walking in the street and seeing a bottle of alizee in a wine shop when i moved to the uk .
enough !

By Blogger francelagale, at 01 February, 2005 01:14  

Sad news about mylene:(

I'm sure it is a cover of a france gall song- but I don't know why I think that- I think I used to have her version of it.
I'll do some research- perhaps I'm confused.

Any idea when Alizee is releasing some new songs?

By Blogger mordi, at 02 February, 2005 16:07  

I've had a quick look- but don't see anything to suggest france gall sung this.
I'm confused!!! I'm sure I heard another version of it sung by France.

Oh well- it's still a top song!

By Blogger mordi, at 02 February, 2005 16:10  

yeah thats what i thought... the lyris are really purely mylene farmer style ... and no , i think the career of alizee is over now .. quite sad ..

By Blogger francelagale, at 02 February, 2005 17:05  

I love it.

By Blogger Paul Irish, at 04 February, 2005 23:14  

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