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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

takashi fujii - oh my juliet!

fans of tommy february 6 should enjoy this- as it is produced by tomoko!
so of course it's brilliant!
ok, so i know this 'doll' is a he but i think we can ignore that fact.

shockingly- takashi is marrried(!)

2 comment(s):

Wow, he stole those two girls right out from under Elijah Wood. That takes charisma!

By Blogger Kurt, at 16 November, 2006 16:07  

¡Hola! Me agrada la canción, y creo que el muchacho tiene personalidad, no se que otras canciones tenga pero si las consiguen pues diganme cuales son!!! saludos desde la Ciudad de México!! por aca ya se escucha su rola!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 December, 2006 16:22  

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