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Sunday, March 18, 2007

b & b

i found this song on lessons from things a few months ago and have played it over and over since then so i thought i'd better share it with you.

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I'm dying to download these last 3 posts but the server will not function. Looks to be yet another solid post Mordi - I'm just hoping the link clears up.

By Blogger modernfather, at 18 March, 2007 19:46  

Thanks for the link and all you do, Mordi. You are totally correct: "girl power doesn't quit!"
xoxo, ashleyplath

By Blogger Ashley Plath, at 19 March, 2007 11:08  

I've been trying to download this song and Catherine Deneuve's song for the past few days and the link is not working...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2007 13:27  

Can't download too!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2007 16:53  

apologies for problems with the links- i'm a victim of my own success as i keep using up my daily bandwidth! i've just tried all the links and they all are working at the moment!

i'll look into a new place to host the tracks but i don't want to spend lots of money doing so.

By Blogger mordi, at 22 March, 2007 09:32  

C'est super! Thank you, thank you!

By Blogger Alice Bag, at 24 March, 2007 05:29  

Love it. Thanks

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 March, 2007 11:16  

Mordi -- Lessons is back. Sorry to self-promote in your comments. Please delete when you read this. Many thanks & girl power forever.
xoxo, ashleyplath

By Blogger Ashley Plath, at 30 March, 2007 03:11  

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