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Sunday, February 11, 2007

what plates?!

watch one of my all time favourite dolls gillian hills in this very odd 1969 british tv show 'owl service'. (watch from 4.35 to 6.04)

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very odd indeed.

By Blogger modernfather, at 12 February, 2007 00:01  

Okay, I've totally gotta see the whole programme. Very odd indeed, indeed...

By Blogger Davecat, at 12 February, 2007 05:49  

i've never seen the programme but i do have the paperback book with gillian on the cover (but i've never read it!)

By Blogger mordi, at 13 February, 2007 19:46  

Great find. I had the book of this. It was really, really strange.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2007 22:59  

Aye, Welsh, I presume. Having a Cymricised surname like Watkins tends to leave one vulnerable to deft recognition of said folk and folklore--even here in Canada, where us Children of Arthur are separated from Western Britain by 150 years and more.

I can't remember if this show was ever carried here in Canada--I might be old enough to remember. I know the CBC carried a lot of British children's programming and CFF (Children's Film Foundation) short movies back in the '70s (Does anyone out there remember Blinker's Spy Spotter, The Boy Who Turned Yellow and the serial Chico The Rainmaker, a.k.a. The Boy With Two Heads...?), but I'm not sure exactly what adult shows they carried--other than Tales of The Unexpected, Man About the House, George & Mildred, The Two Ronnies, Two's Company and (of course) Coronation Street (still going strong).

While I'm on the subject, Does anyone out there remember a children's or family show entitled (if I'm not mistaken) The White Stone...? It was a 'period piece', taking place circa 1900, and focussed on a young boy and girl attempting to run away and join the circus. Ring a bell, anyone...? Mordi...?

--Rob (R. W. Watkins)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 February, 2007 23:13  

...no bells ringing for me i'm afraid!

By Blogger mordi, at 21 February, 2007 15:44  

'The White Stone' was the English title for Den Vita Stenen, the Swedish mini-series from 1973. They showed the English-voiceover version here in Canada. I dug and dug 'til I found online info on it--now it's all coming back to me. I bet I wasn't the only one in love with Julia Hede when I was 9 years old. It was a very fine and groundbreaking series....

--Rob Watkins

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 March, 2007 00:42  

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