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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mordis guilty pleasure of 2010

what would have happened if amanda lear met the pet shop boys? surely it could only have sounded like fancy!

i have to confess that this year i fell under the spell of euro pop king (queen?) fancy. hailing from germany in the mid to late 80's, he is euro disco cheese mixed with italo disco.

sally shapiro really needs to hear this!


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Bit late to be commenting, I know, but I love Fancy. His track Lady Of Ice is one of the greatest recordings I've ever heard. And there's a lovely clip of him performing it on a German telly show on YouTube. Fancy = genius.

By Anonymous The Prisoner of Eurodisco, at 24 January, 2011 23:09  

it's never too late to appreciate a bit of fancy!

By Blogger mordi, at 25 January, 2011 10:46  

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