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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

doll age tendre

as a mademoiselle âge tendre winner it was inevitable she would record at least one record. the result is amazing. stomping beats that fit easily alongside the best of 60's ye-ye pop

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i know this song, it was a hit american song, but the ye-ye version has the most charm, thank you mordi!

By Blogger mister mark, at 01 December, 2010 19:29  

Beau Brummels' hit ' Just A Little '. It's a wonderful melody. Thank you for your blog & Christmas greetings to all.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 December, 2010 13:15  

I liked this song when I couldn't understand a thing. After some French lessons I got the general idea. I discovered around the same time that it was a cover. Somehow I like this one better. The ambience and the sound is crisper and the lyrics about a waiting woman at all times somehow appeals more to me. Thanks for the repost....

By Blogger Fonsz, at 03 December, 2010 23:46  

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