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Sunday, December 30, 2007

in no particular order: mordi's essential music of 2007

to celebrate the new year, i thought i'd share with you my essential albums of 2007 and share a song from each album too. did i miss anything out?!
there was a lot to choose from, so i had to include some runners up too!
if you like any of these songs- go and buy the albums!

happy new year everyone! mordi xxx

like a drug - kylie - x
i gave x a really hard time when it finally came out- but now i totally love it. there are so many amazing songs on it - some fans have been really angry about speakerphone and nu-di-ty- why, i don't know, because they are bloody marvy! i have been playing this album constantly! a must for 2007 and 2008.

pomme c - calogero - pomme c
who knew mordi sometimes enjoyed non doll music?! i love this album! the title track is brilliant- with lyrics by zazie (so there is the doll connection for you!)

revelations - yoko ono - yes, i'm a witch
2007 was the year i truly discovered what a total genius yoko is.

leave me - vashti bunyan - some things just stick in your mind (singles & demos 64-67)
hidden away for years in an attic were some gorgeous unreleased songs. thanks for sharing! this is a must for any vashti fan.

mon taxi driver - alizée - psychédélices
this album just gets better and better with each listen. after such a long wait it was a relief to hear that she managed to pull off an ace album without mylene farmer.

china heart - sophie ellis bextor - trip the light fantastic
this entire album is a pop sensation- it totally delivers! even her bonus tracks were brilliant! this of course meant that few people bought it and she'll probably never release anything ever again.

take it like a man - dragonette - galore
an album of slutty eclectic electropop which still rates very highly in my opinion. they didn't have much success which is a shame - maybe 2008 will prove more successful for them. i hope so.

la mélodie - vanessa paradis - divinidylle
another successful comeback in 2007, welcome back v.p! (and for those who don't know, johnny depp drew the cover art!)

seek i'll hide - margaret berger - pretty scary silver fairy
a runner up from norwegian pop idol- an album full of electro tinged pop. bloody marvy!

let me know - róisín murphy - overpowered
when the title track was released with its grace jones grooves who knew she could better that? well she did! she made dancing without inhibitions in a greasy spoon glamorous. this album made me wig out (but not to the point of smashing my eye socket on a chair!)

ooh ooh baby - britney - blackout
awful album cover, terrible vma performance, dreadful video but a fantastic album. this slice of pop helped divert my attention from her ever increasing madness. best of luck for 2008 britneybitch!

honourable mentions must go to...

zazie - totem
dannii minogue - unleashed
robyn - robyn
sally shapiro - disco romance
various - filles fragiles
girls aloud - tangled up
amy winehouse - back to black
pay tv - fashion report
lucky twice - lucky

Saturday, December 22, 2007

a christmas message from mordi


thanks for all your support, emails and comments this year. i know i have posted less
often due to getting a new job and generally being much busier- so thanks for sticking
with blowupdoll. my christmas gift to you all is the fab and festive i don't intend to spend
christmas without you
by margo guryan.

mordi xxx

she's lost control

a christmas video for you all- grace jones gets festive!

sister morphine

the prisoner cell block h of french 60s doll pop. yum!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hail the return of lolita

after a very long wait, she's back with a new album 'psychedelices'. it's a really good album that proves she can manage perfectly well without mylene farmer! go and buy it now!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

jolly hockeysticks

"the ASBOs, the chavs, the emos and their mates,
to torment the slags, we offer special rates
and if they complain, we'll do it all again
defenders of anarchy.

we are the best, so screw the rest"

with lyrics like this, it makes this one of their best songs ever!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

track no.8

italian version of her fab tune 'fallait pas...'

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

garage girlpower

turn this up and get ready to funk out! i bloody love this with its kicking drum beats!
read the brief co-ets story here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

69 sylvie

SYLVIE VARTAN - LES HOMMES (qui n'ont plus rien a perdre)
lovely la la las from sylvie, not sure who the sexy male voice is though - then hubby johnny halliday?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

nearly there...

ok, so i know it's taken me a while to complete the clothilde collection (sorry!). Only 3 more to go now.....

put this on your christmas list

blog buddy guzzbourg from the marvy filles sourires has a cd out - so buy it!
it's gorgeous selection of breathy french dolls - an absolute must for any french doll fan.
(in the cd notes i even get a mention!!)