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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

stella? you want stella?

you want lots of stella? then go and visit le monsignor mystere at mysteryposter! NOW!

11 comment(s):

My god, thank you for posting the link! :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 March, 2007 16:13  



By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 March, 2007 01:48  

awesome-a power!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 March, 2007 16:04  

link of the month!!!
Thank you.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 March, 2007 21:28  

wouldn't it be nice if people actually went out and bought these releases?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 March, 2007 17:46  

The cruel irony (or maybe not, if you read the above comment) is that I finally received this album in the mail YESTERDAY. I ordered it eons ago and it was finally in stock. Oh well, I guess it's true that I'm supporting her....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 March, 2007 06:17  

Stella makes me squeal with glee.

By Blogger beketaten, at 17 March, 2007 18:18  

In response to the comment above...

I tried pretty hard to buy this CD set a few months ago but I could only get it from the label in France directly and they insisted on using some kind of mail delivery that cost like US$30, more than the CDs themselves!!! It should only cost US$5 or less to mail two CDs. It was ridiculous. If they want to be so stupid, then screw them; I'm happy to download it for free and give my money to fair and sensible businesses instead! I'm happy to buy music, but I'm not rich and I won't let myself get ripped off.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2007 02:15  

i know that buying these more obscure
cds can be really difficult- first of all you have to find a site that has it in stock, then the cost is often way too much- especially to be sent overseas. so people sharing these rare albums is VERY much appreciated.

By Blogger mordi, at 19 March, 2007 13:12  

the best french musique pop I've heard in a looong time! Thanks again for the nice tunes!
Cheers, Vonspike

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 March, 2007 15:03  

Well, for those that live in North America, I'd recommend you check out Quebecois retailers. I bought my Stella CD from archambault.ca. The album was relatively expensive (I don't blame them, it's got to be a small pressing), but the shipping was totally reasonable. Granted, I live in Canada, but still....

Just my two cents.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 April, 2007 04:38  

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