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Sunday, January 21, 2007

love saves the day

in my efforts in trying to bring you something a bit more obscure- i present this rarely heard fg track from 1968.

9 comment(s):

I think there are only two songs where FG has any lines in English... in both you can barely tell she's speaking English, which I love!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2007 11:19  

I had never heard this one. Thanks for posting.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2007 15:15  

great one, Mordi, (as all FG-songs), thanks a lot

Michael Vee . Milano

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 January, 2007 22:25  

Loved it too! Those backup vocals puts it over the top. Thanks for having the "Gall" to post this.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2007 03:40  

YAY!! Go Mordi! Thanks for posting this rare candy

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2007 12:49  

Yay for rare France Gall!!! My goodness she was prolific, no?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 January, 2007 02:20  

Gal (2006), Film de Miguel Courtois

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 February, 2007 21:42  

Oh man, this track flips me out. I downloaded this from you a few weeks ago and since then I've become a little obsessed with it, playing it over and over. It's just WOW!!! WOW!!! I have all three super-fab FG albums from the 60s but I never heard this one before, so I wonder if there are more FG rarities I'm missing.

So anyway, I wanted to give a special thanks to you Mordi because this song is a MEGA-GEM!!! Pure bliss!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2007 02:21  

thanks for the comment(s) : i love flipping people out!

i've a few rarer FG tracks- so I'll try to post another v soon...

By Blogger mordi, at 19 March, 2007 13:14  

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