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Saturday, January 13, 2007

melted legs music

message personnel must be the best f.h. album ever and this track is so amazing it makes my legs melt when i hear it!

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The divine Ms Hardy makes my eyes moist and my heart sigh. Thanks for the song. It is just breathtaking.

By Blogger Jamie, at 15 January, 2007 19:50  

I just found your blog today and I thinks it's amazing...I'm enjoying it, unfortunately there are many songs I could'nt here but I'll visit your site again for sure!
I write from Santiago de Chile.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 January, 2007 01:08  

Beautiful, just beautiful

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 January, 2007 23:30  

such a beautiful track - are there any other francoise tracks that you particularly recommend?
thanks for sharing.
emily in montreal

By Blogger emily, at 12 February, 2007 21:27  

if you liked this emily, then anything from the early 70's you'd probably enjoy.

try 'la question', 'si mi caballero' or 'message personnel'.

By Blogger mordi, at 13 February, 2007 12:06  

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