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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

party pants

you like swedes? you like dolls? you like the knife? you like jenny wilson? you will love this!

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Better than Jenny Wilson

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 April, 2006 14:48  

She has a very odd yet unique voice, and the whole song has an air of desperation. Plus, she looks like Myra Hindley in the pic you've provided.


By Blogger Davecat, at 19 April, 2006 03:58  

I love El Perro del Mar. I've had the album for about a year now (having bought it in Stockholm)and I just can't seem to get enough of it.
It's like the 60's girlgroup sound brought up to date and she always sounds like she's on the brink of bursting into tears.
It was actually the very wonderful jens Lekman who made me discover El Perro del Mar (they released a split single together).

Oh and Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne loves her too, which is always a good sign as Bob is a man of impeccable taste !


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 April, 2006 19:41  

Never heard her before, love it, thanks.

By Blogger yaffle, at 20 April, 2006 22:50  

good lord what a cute dog!

and a great song, too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 April, 2006 03:10  

You've done it again. AMAZING.


By Blogger Cathy, at 24 April, 2006 19:12  

AMAZING... repeat, repeat.. thank you, THANK YOU!!

See to the Czar

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2006 17:05  

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