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Saturday, April 02, 2005

do you want fries with that?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
MADONNA - THE EGG (7.60mb)
to celebrate 60000 hits at blowupdoll, i bring you the mythical student footage of madonna having an egg fried on her stomach. i love vintage madonna and even pre vintage too!
it's really raggy!
click madonna here

10 comment(s):

He he. Cool!

By Blogger mrdantefontana, at 02 April, 2005 17:39  

I just love her early chav days when she fucked for her rent and trod on everyone and everything to get onto the corporate whore ladder known as fame.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 April, 2005 20:55  

i love madonna! i love the egg fried film!

By Blogger gitargirl, at 03 April, 2005 02:49  

Congratulations on all the hits!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2005 04:09  

Yes, Bravo on the 60000 hits! May you have many more to come!

By Blogger Jon, at 04 April, 2005 02:02  

I'm frightened by this format but fascinated by the old girl.


By Blogger Erin, at 04 April, 2005 02:37  

A bit nauseating, really.
Anyway thanks for the great tracks you've been sharing with the world, so far.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2005 03:10  

whoa, that's just scary on so many levels...

*snap!* ^^

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2005 14:17  

why is this clip scaring so many people?

it's marvy!

it's just madonna as a teenager!

By Blogger mordi, at 04 April, 2005 23:06  

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