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Saturday, April 02, 2005

it's intense

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
a massive thanks to home taping is killing music for this song.
you've heard claudines version, now try mia farrows.
who wins the battle of the devils sleep song?!
click mia here

6 comment(s):

I never know why men lie, they just do. Men lie.

By Blogger Andrew, at 02 April, 2005 12:34  

Claudine's the best. Claudine is always the best, anyway.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 April, 2005 13:50  

Darling, you know I love Claudine, but she just doesn't have the range.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 April, 2005 20:50  

ahh, what a gorgeous pic.


By Blogger Erin, at 04 April, 2005 02:36  

have you heard david candy's cover of the same?

By Blogger Pedal, at 04 April, 2005 08:38  

Hello. I cannot get this song. Page won't display message is all I get. Any help? E-mail it to me, perhaps? colewoodbooks@yahoo.com. Thanks for any help

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 April, 2005 18:28  

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