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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

zouzou week - tuesday

unlike marianne- she's been in the slammer!
will this song get a response from anyone? hello?!

8 comment(s):

Nice that she is recovered and rediscovered. From the Fleury-Mérogis
to the Pompidou Centre.

Enjoy the tunes thanks Keith Toronto

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2008 18:06  

Hi Mordi

Just a big thumbs up for all the great stuff your posting.

I've wanted the Faithfull Anna track for ages.


Mr R

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 March, 2008 18:37  

Thanks for Zouzou! How is it possible I've overlooked her all this time?

Man, she was in the slammer in the '90s? Yikes!

By Blogger bjr, at 19 March, 2008 00:19  

hmmm pretty damn groovy daddy-O...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2008 00:57  

Zouzou is amazing, thank you so much for posting!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2008 01:16  

Not that the Marianne stuff wasn't great, but these Zouzou tracks are really great!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 March, 2008 14:15  

Mordi: like your blog, but you don't fucking care anymore, right? what's this adjective shit about "brilliant" and so on? just say something relevant about the artists .... merci & bisoux, XXX

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 March, 2008 21:10  

I DO care but if you don't like my blog then you can just fuck off!

"Saturday, November 13, 2004
what's the skinny?

no chat.

just top music."

GET IT?!!!

My blog has ALWAYS been about the music and I hardly ever write anything about the artists. If you like the artsit or song then I leave it up to you to go and research them. I'm not going to bore you with information.

A word or brief comment from me is enough and if you don't like it- go somewhere else you ungrateful shit.

By Blogger mordi, at 21 March, 2008 13:32  

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