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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MF week - Wednesday

listen to how she turns a tedious beatles song into a wibbly, eerie, heartfelt masterpiece...

thanks for all the recent comments everyone! xxx

3 comment(s):

Enchanting cover... thanks for sharing.
Reminded me a bit of Mary Hopkin somehow - memories of her winning week after week on Opportunity Knocks when I was a kid.
Like you, I'm not very big on the original of this song, but I enjoyed this one very much.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 March, 2008 17:02  

She SO should have kept 'man' in. Great cover though!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 March, 2008 19:38  

Probably my least favorite Beatles song, but it really works well here. Thanks!


By Blogger Jesse, at 14 March, 2008 17:59  

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