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Saturday, March 31, 2007

message from mordi

apologies for the recent difficulties with downloading- i am a victim of my own success! as a result my bandwidth keeps getting full. so i have now switched to z share and hope you get on better with that!

does anyone have the full version of the leaked kylie song 'when the cat's away'? i have a short version of it which is so good that i need the whole thing! help!

the 2 new posts below are as a result of a fab cd that regular blowupdoll visitor france la gale made for me (possibly one of the best mix cd's ever!). thanks!

2 comment(s):

Please, no Z-Share. I understand that bandwidth costs money but i also know that many people hate the extra steps Z-share makes you go through.

Please, please, please reconsider.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 April, 2007 18:22  

i don't find z share that annoying really!

but if you're not willing to cough up some cash or have a better suggestion then you'll just have to make do for the moment....!

By Blogger mordi, at 04 April, 2007 20:51  

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