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Friday, May 12, 2006

it's a jolly holiday with sylvie

my first sylvie post...ever! i'm not a fan of her early stuff but this 1975 track is well worth a burn.

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Hey, that's Holidays from Michel Polnareff, 1972 I think. Other side: La mouche. Didn't know Sylvie also sings this.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 May, 2006 19:56  

thanks for the info, i'm having a hard time finding out any info about this track including what album this is from.

By Blogger mordi, at 14 May, 2006 10:59  

this may be my last sylvie post too- i don't think it's going down to well is it?
you bastards!!!!! it's marvy!

By Blogger mordi, at 14 May, 2006 21:27  

Lovely picture of Sylvie, mordi.

Thanks to Youtube and the inspiration from your entry here, I got to discover her earlier work, some of which great, but not nearly as compelling as France Gall's (granted she did set the bar very high.) "Irresistiblement" is Sylvie at her best, and a fabulous video. She sounds even better in the Italian version on youtube too.

There is also a pretty neat video of a Vartan and Hardy duo, "Il y a deux filles en moi". A difficult pairing for Sylvie, Fran├žoise understated cool elegance and grace just standing out.

One of the best things on Youtube is a trio with the two above and Etienne Daho singing one of Etienne's great songs, "on s'ressemble", you can tell how much Daho is enjoying it, and the two divas still have it, Fran├žoise Hardy in her Left Bank bohemian chic with Sylvie's more "France Profonde" predisposition. Just fabulous.

(Another tangent here: Etienne Daho is a huge Syd Barrett fan -the guy has good taste- He does two wonderful covers, of Arnold Layne and of Late Night.)

Holidays is one of the very best Polnareff songs. His version is really, really good. I think he's just as talented as Gainsbourg but nowhere near as famous outside of France (more like totally unknown, except in Japan.)

Polnareff's prime is in the early 70s. It seems like that pop era in France was more dominated by male stars whereas the 60s were more female-dominated. Other big ones were Christophe and Patrick Juvet. Guys with long blow-dried hair and high voices. They started out earlier, but really came into their own groove in the early 70s.

By Blogger Citadin, at 15 May, 2006 05:36  

may i suggest "par amour ou par pitie" by sylvie ? the song is superb , and the video almost made me cry .... even if it s uber simple .. #
you can see the video on la cassette d or de sylvie vartan , you can find the tapein ondon at the french institute !!

By Blogger francelagale, at 16 May, 2006 22:08  

wowsers! par amour ou par pitie is amazing; you're totally right!

PLEASE! any more recommendations for me?

By Blogger mordi, at 17 May, 2006 09:37  

dear mordi , i am so glad you liked it cos you made me discover so many songs !!
try to get the video if you can , sylvie is awesome in it .
remenber i said i would send you a compilation, i cant find it anymore but here are some of the pearls on it .. and more
Les Calamites : le velomoteur , toutes les nuits ....
Pascale Borel ( from Mikado ) : Le constat ( on tricatel's first compilation)
Luna Parker : Tes Etats d'ame Eric
( and their only album is a masterpiece of french pop )
Mia Frye ( dont know exactly how you spell it ) The one ( i think...) ... i cant find any word too describe it , awesome rareties from the uture choregraph of star academy and actress of The dancer by luc besson.
Patricia Carli : Arrete, arrete. La vie n est pas facile
Corynne Charby : Ma generation
Priscilla : Bric a brac, Toujours pas d'amour
Dalida : Lucas

By Blogger francelagale, at 18 May, 2006 20:24  

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