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Sunday, January 12, 2020

music of the year 2019

madonna - madame x
honor blackman - everything i've got
the music from bagpuss
maelle - maelle
tove lo - sunshine kitty
john phillips presents - man on the moon (new genevieve wait songs)
robyn - honey
electric youth - memory emotion
gemme - retour durable de l'etre aime
rose - kerosene
little boots - jump
chromatics - closer to grey

videos below...

music of the year - chromatics

perfect doll vocals, knowing influences of 80s music, cool lynchian vibes and bleak glamour.

music of the year - rose

music of the year - gemme

gemme consists of elodie fregé, barbara carlotti, loane, nubia esteban and one of the best voices in france right now, alka balbir.

music of the year - electric youth

again. not as good as their first album, nevertheless, this album was a mix of fantastic, dreamy retro synth tunes and atmospheric 80s soundtracks

music of the year - little boots

little boots delved into some deep house on this great e.p.

music of the year - robyn

ok, let's be honest, this album is not as good as her body talk albums but it still has some great beats

music of the year - genvieve waite

how lucky i was to find a handful of new songs not found on geneveive waites brilliant 'romance is on the rise' album. her songs from this failed musical venture have brought me a lot of joy. when she sings ' birds are flying upside down..." -her voice is just brilliant

music of the year - tove lo

i think tove lo has been in my music of the year list with every album she''s released.
great duet with kylie showcases her pop sensibilities

music of the year - maëlle

calogero penned a whole album for frances 'the voice' winner. nice

music of the year - bagpuss

sandra kerr and john faulkener sing beautiful,charming, folky and funny tunes from classic tv show. recommended even if you no idea who bagpuss is.

music of the year - honor blackman

i'm sure you gainsbourg fan will recognise this tune.
the album is fantastic - she has a huge tongue in her cheek throughout.

music of the year - madonna

madame x - not really a set of songs, more a concept album. a piece of art. i love it