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Monday, December 31, 2018

in with the new

i'm hopeful that bertrand belins new album (released in january) will be on my best of 2019 list.
 love this song. louder the better.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

music of the year 2018

long time no post!
here's a few words and clips of my music of the year

anything i missed? let me know!

allie x - super sunset

cool pop and retro synths 

francoise fabian - francoise fabian

 half spoken, half sung. all gorgeous

mylene farmer  - desobeissance

i enjoyed this much much more than i expected. 
my favourite track is 'des larmes' but that's not on youtube :(

MØ - forever neverland 

danish confessional pop. her most cohesive sounds to date

charlotte gainsbourg - take 2

a 4 track ep featuring the stunning live version of 'runaway' 
(runaway is really this is THE song of 2018- I LOVE IT)

marianne faithfull - negative capability 

didn't think she could top 'give my love to london' but she has. fantastic.

lia pamina and dario persi - so long tonight 

i'm sure cilla would be really happy with lias version of il mio mondo

say lou lou - immortelle

too short! moody cinematic cool and best video of the year

kim wilde- here comes the aliens

like a lost kim album from 1983