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Monday, February 04, 2013

nico icon trailer

if you haven't seen this - it's really worth tracking it down and seeing it.
update - see it here for free!!!!!

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Thank you for this Nico week. With great reluctance, I re-watched the documentary, but my eyes averted themselves from the screen instinctively & automatically whenever her 1980s images appeared : for me, that's just not the real Nico. ( I prefer to remember her as she was in the Silver 60s / Swinging 60s. )

I had also forgotten that she had introduced her own son to her addiction. Not a happy sight. Seeing the WTC Towers in the promo trailer & in the film also sends a cold shudder down my spine.

I miss the Fox-Lorber home video company, which released this film for home viewers in ' Region 1 ' ( sc, US & Canada ) : they sold nice, clean, inexpensive copies with intelligent, intelligible English translation sub-titles, in the case of foreign films, at reasonable prices ( unlike a certain company which sells foreign films, including former F-L titles, in the neighbourhood of ' suggested retail prices ' of 40 dollars & uses silly, unintelligent, even unintelligible, baby-talk translation subtitle captioning ).

That 1 person saying in the film that Nico loved no-one & no-one loved Nico errs : people did love her, but you can't save people from themselves. --reader

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2013 12:28  

thank you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2013 23:36  

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