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Friday, February 01, 2013


ohmygod i am currently so in love with this song. swedish singer frida sundemo has released 2 songs (indigo and snow) - both are excellent. but i am also hugely enamoured with this acoustic version of 'indigo'.

the equally amazing original version:

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just passed by her on the stairs from the subway on my way home this very afternoon, how strange that she should be the first thing i see when i check one of my fave-blogs =)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 February, 2013 18:32  

no way! amazing!

By Blogger mordi, at 06 February, 2013 16:09  

lovely, but this would be so much better without the awful backing male vocals in the chorus

By Blogger Tutta Rolf, at 16 February, 2013 13:43  

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