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Sunday, September 09, 2012

she ate my heart

i didn't realise there was an english version of this song (la seine) from the film 'un monstre a paris' - bloody good it is too - but this version features sean lennon instead of m

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Love Vanessa. Her songs 'La La La Song' and 'Il ya' are also great and in the same genre :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 September, 2012 23:41  

Great song! Thanks for sharing!

By Blogger Darby, at 10 September, 2012 13:01  

Seconded ( ie, Great song ! ). Thank you ! --reader

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 September, 2012 19:50  

& thank you to Darby for your site, cyfi, with the Sylvie Vartan interview. I have endeavoured to leave ' thank you ' comments on your site in the past, but the Anonymous comment button does not function properly. --reader

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 September, 2012 20:04  

&, thank you, Mr Mordi, for forwarding my thanks to Darby. I tried setting up a temporary Google + - YouTube account to comment at D's site but with no success. ( But the important thing is that D knows that there are the appreciative non-commentators reading & listening. ) --reader

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 September, 2012 19:12  

Thank you, reader, for your very kind comments.. I appreciate the appreciation :)

By Blogger Darby, at 23 September, 2012 21:32  

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