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Sunday, May 06, 2012

watch with mordi


one of my all time favourite films is FREE and on youtube - and it is so rare and hard to buy, that it's amazing to find it here. go watch the 67 carnaby st pop-comedy 'smashing time' NOW!

also, a film i have been wanting to see for a long time is free too: 'les idoles' - unfortunately not with english subtitles - it's the 1969 french satire of the ye-ye scene.

11 comment(s):

Y'know, I had that on DVD years ago, and ended up selling it, and just last week, I thought to myself, 'I wouldn't mind seeing that again'.
Good timing! Maybe I'll buy it a second time!

By Blogger Davecat, at 08 May, 2012 03:24  

cool, thx for the tips, i'm gonna watch them both !

By Blogger patrickmettraux, at 09 May, 2012 02:59  

Les Idoles! Yesss!!! Thanks for another great heads up Mordi - I've wanted to see this ever since coming across a clip featuring the great Lafont as the singing nun! (Which shows pretty clearly that she wasn't feigning her tone-deafness in Une Belle Fille Comme Moi....ouch)

Film looks great - seedy Pierre Clementi, a Heino look-a-like and Bernadette L....what more could you want fer gawds sake!

Of course, ST is a perennial source of wonderment too.....

By Anonymous Scott, at 09 May, 2012 07:17  

Ps. I'm guessing you've spotted that this is also up on YT?


There's now a lovely re-mastered dvd available from Amazon.fr, which comes with an amazing extended CD of the soundtrack (with around 35 tracks!)

A bientot :)

By Anonymous Scott, at 09 May, 2012 07:25  

'While I'm Still Young' - now there's a tune!

By Anonymous terrynorthern, at 09 May, 2012 11:39  

thanks scott - i got a copy of anna a few years ago - but i still dont have it with subtitles which would be nice- i'll check the special ed on amazon.fr to see if that has subtitles.

terrynorthern: i think the entire soundtrack is amazing! if anyone has a copy of the whole thing - please share!

By Blogger mordi, at 09 May, 2012 19:06  

Thanks for the YT tips Mordi, really excited to finally see Les Idoles!

btw, the amazon.fr Anna spec says langue: Anglais, but it looks the same as the version I have and I've never found any english subtitles on it!

What I did notice is that you can now get the Serge directed 'Je T'aime Moi Non Plus' - one to watch without the family, methinks...

By Anonymous Dom, at 10 May, 2012 10:05  

Based on those title sequence caricatures, I would have assumed Carlo Ponti must have really wanted to disgrace the Redgrave lineage. But then the movie starts and those young ladies seem so British. This must have been intended as a corrective to the image of "swinging" British youth culture that had been dominating the globe for 3 years prior. Cor! Blimey!

By Blogger Jay Schiavone, at 13 May, 2012 17:07  

Speaking of French films, I saw this clip of a French film once (was it on here?), and all I remember is that it was Black and White, and in the scene I saw there were three people (A girl, a boy, and another girl) lying in bed. There's a close up on the first girl and she's saying something profound about the stars or something? And then the second girl tells her to be quiet or go to sleep, or something like that.

Do you have any idea what film this is?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 May, 2012 21:08  

the only film that i can think of where there is a guy and 2 girls in bed that i may have featured on blowupdoll is les chansons d'amour (one of my favourite films) but its not in b&w

By Blogger mordi, at 15 May, 2012 16:20  

I don't think that's it, since I'm pretty sure the one I'm thinking of is an older movie. But thanks for your help!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 May, 2012 19:53  

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