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Sunday, May 06, 2012

say it ain't so!

when blowupdoll began in 2004, the third song i ever posted was by an amazing band called paris - who are not french but swedish. for a few years i fell in love with their harmonious bittersweet indiepop, then they disappeared.
5 years later they are back! i am so excited - if this first song 'say it' is anything to go by, their e.p. (released at the end of may should be amazing!
if you like this, mordi recommends: hey sailor, millions of tears, disco fever, one sided friendship, i stole barry

4 comment(s):

swedish indiepop, awesome!! thanks for sharing :) ~Darby

By Blogger Darby, at 06 May, 2012 20:20  

glad u like - i would defo recommend the other songs i listed if you fancy hearing more from them

By Blogger mordi, at 06 May, 2012 22:20  

Sweden is a magic place for the music. It makes (almost) everything better.

By Blogger SG, at 06 May, 2012 23:55  

i know - i would love to visit sweden one day. i'm quite a fan of scandipop - have you checked out the scandipop website?

By Blogger mordi, at 07 May, 2012 09:40  

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