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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


if you love the sound of 80s and 90s europop - surely you will love these.
the lyrics are hilarious. porno queen cicciolina- who knew she could sing too?! i want an album (seriously, i do!)!

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It seems she took some vocal and choregoraphy lessons after the first video. The second one is cute.

By Blogger SG, at 15 May, 2012 21:46  

Everytime again I'm amazed that you love the 80's pop as well as the 60's girl pop, Mordi! Personally I hate this '80's stuff, but nowadays there's lots of good music again. I'm listening to Coeur de Pirate and the new Baby Grand album (Arts & Leisure) now. Check this out if you haven't already!

By Anonymous Bombong, at 15 May, 2012 21:53  

Agreed, there needs to be an album! Sexy Shop is porno pop genius :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 May, 2012 15:22  

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