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Thursday, October 20, 2011

jeanette in english 2

hope this is the one you were looking for!

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3 comment(s):

I'm afraid this wasn't the song either. If these were the 2 Jeanette/Pic Nic songs in English you posted before I must have been mistaken and it has been an Spanish Pic Nic song. Thanks anyway Mordi for these songs, because it always nice to hear Jeanette.

By Anonymous Bombong, at 23 October, 2011 20:14  

oh no! do a google search for blowupdoll jeanette to see if that jogs your memory

By Blogger mordi, at 24 October, 2011 09:38  

Love this one - is it me or does she sound like Twinkle? (While I'm on that, has anyone EVER heard her version of I'm a believer? Apparently she hates it but I'm curious to hear it)

By Blogger Marksy, at 03 November, 2011 12:28  

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