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Sunday, October 09, 2011

70's fg

thanks to everyone for all your suggestions - i have taken them on board and will mix up all your requests over the coming weeks. first up, is serge964s suggestion of 70's france gall. i'm always happy to obilge!

4 comment(s):

Great song by France that I didn't have.. Thanks, Mordi!!~Darby

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 October, 2011 12:37  

thanks for your choice !

By Anonymous serge964, at 09 October, 2011 15:06  

I got this whenever you first posted it, and it has since become one of my very favorite FG tracks! :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 October, 2011 16:47  

This track is new to me too, thanks!

By Anonymous Anne, at 11 October, 2011 20:21  

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