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Saturday, June 04, 2011

scotts mixtape

scott says "i hope you enjoy - there is a theme of film-related/actress
dolls to my tape, with the exception of a couple of fave non-film ladies that snuck in there……it's quite a random/eclectic mix, but that's my nature!"
i have to say there are some gems on this - sissy spacek with the classic 'john, you went too far this time' (a great track, even without the pigs blood), cher! jodie foster! lots and lots to love and love again! there is a tracklist and notes included in the zip.

please leave comments about the mixtape

3 comment(s):

Scent of Svcotland...thanks

By Anonymous John, at 04 June, 2011 21:09  

Mordi, you already featured the Rainbo number. Your influence is growing.

By Blogger Jay Schiavone, at 06 June, 2011 00:25  

for those who don't understand the last comment! : rainbo was the name sissy spacek recorded the song under!


By Blogger mordi, at 06 June, 2011 18:11  

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