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Monday, May 16, 2011

calebs mixtape

a yummy mix of mostly french dolls, some songs familiar, others less so - it includes a beautiful song ' good times, bad times' where you can hear all the vinyl cracklings - ace! caleb writes "
for this mix-tape i wanted to showcase the haunting beautiful vocals of these female singers from the 1960s. i imagine these songs being played while standing out on a balcony that over looks the dimly lit parsian streets with a group of close friends. our primary source of warmth comes from the glasses of red wine we're drinking. the songs featured on this mix-tape are those that make me feel comfortable and that all is right with the world. it is my hope that others will listen to these songs and get that same sort of feeling." i'm sure they will caleb!

check out calebs very stylish vintage vantage

please leave comments about the mixtape!

3 comment(s):

Love it very beautiful. Thank you caleb and mordi.

By Blogger Elise, at 17 May, 2011 01:16  

This is the best blog for music.

By Blogger Xtine, at 31 May, 2011 04:29  

thanks miss! x

By Blogger mordi, at 31 May, 2011 09:16  

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