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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

doms mixtape

if you live near brighton, get down to doms l'amour electronique nights - this mixtape will give you a flavour of the marvy tunes he spins.
01 - Tuesday Weld - Are You The Boy?
02 - Karo - Sur Ta Moto
03 - Tienou - Tu N'Peux Pas T'Empêcher de Rire
04 - April March - Magic Ass
05 - Jenny Rock - Mal
06 - Brezel Göring (feat. Christiane F) - Ich Bin So Süchtig
07 - Anika - Terry
08 - Elephant's Memory - Old Man Willow
09 - Rose Elinor Dougall - Start/Stop/Synchro
10 - Anne Marie - Love is Amour in French
11 - Cat's Eyes - Not A Friend

please leave comments about the mixtape!

4 comment(s):

Thanks Mordi! If anyone wants links to the artists on my mix, there is a post here:
[I've also included label info for some of the vinyl rips for the trainspotters out there!]

Hope some of you enjoy the mix.

By Blogger Dom, at 01 June, 2011 10:41  

Wow love that brezel goring one. and now i see where broadcast got some of there ideas - elephants memory

By Blogger John, at 02 June, 2011 12:52  

this is a great mix, takes you on a proper journey. i liked the (new? April March song best, but i'm not sure about the teutonic version of Terry. everything else was brilliant though.thanks

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 June, 2011 23:30  

Thanks John, Elephant's Memory is from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack. And the Brezel/Christiane F is one of my faves too, it's on a great 7" backed with a really cool mix of Nico's 'Eulogy to Lenny Bruce'.

Anonymous, sorry you didn't like Anika's take on Twinkle, I threw it in to add a bit of darkness and frostiness to the mix!

Oh, and that April March song was released on a 10" in 1999, I think. May have been issued on CD by now though(?).

Cheers for the comments!

By Anonymous Dom, at 17 June, 2011 14:07  

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