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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

en vacances

BRIGITTE BARDOT - LA FILLE DE PAILLE (a mordi summer essential)
i'm on holiday in the south of france! so if you see a handsome man driving around with the windows down listening to bardot or looking around the marche aux puces scouring for old vinyl whilst complaining about the heat - that will be me!

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Mordi, enjoy your holiday in France!! I may never get to go, but getting to listen to all of this great French music is almost as good as being there :) France Gall week was great, and I have been loving the Corynne, Leonie, Chantal, & Penelope you've posted too. I am so bummed that I only came across your site like 2 months ago, and that I have missed all of the other great music you've posted these last few years. Well, better late than never :) Thanks for the great BB song, I didn't have this one. Have fun, get some more wonderful music to share with the rest of us unlucky bums who are way over here in the US, NOT enjoying the heat of France :) ~Darby

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2010 20:51  

Bon Voyage, Mordi! Et merci beaucoups pour BB

By Anonymous Porter Hall, at 18 August, 2010 03:35  

Excellent choice, hobby and place!
I'm French and i like when people come to visit my land.
Congrats for your great blog.
FG and BB are very famous there!
Good luck for your marché aux puces! :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 08:32  

Her singing is not something that she will be remembered for that's for sure.
Happy holidays.
Bonnes vacances.

By Blogger Fonsz, at 19 August, 2010 17:46  

just caus you like charlotte so much
i think you should see that :


By Anonymous oh no please !, at 21 August, 2010 16:09  

oh no please! - oh my god!!!!
it reminded me of 'ken lee'-

both are hilarious!

By Blogger mordi, at 22 August, 2010 14:59  

ah ah was funny yeah !

By Anonymous ken lee fan, at 25 August, 2010 04:40  

If you're near Marseilles, stop by to say hello !

By Anonymous Monsieur Clouseau, at 26 August, 2010 11:02  

wasn't near enough to marseilles - stayed in uzes, went to avignon, montpellier, nimes etc

By Blogger mordi, at 26 August, 2010 16:32  

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