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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


have you seen it yet? what did you think?
my main problem with this film was the portrayal of france gall as a talentless, tuneless retard.

14 comment(s):

I've yet watch it on theater in France. First i was disappointed, but after a night, it getting better. Today i like this movie!
This is a singular movie, just like Gainsbourg was :)
I can't tell more...suspense.

Well, this movie doesn't evoke all the life of SG (it doesn't show the childs of SG)

And after the footage, the actress who embodies Jane B had commited suicide :((

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 August, 2010 10:05  

gall wasn't a retard but i think she was cheated by gainsbourg lyrics. I'm sure she didn't realized at first what shw was singing...

the big problem with this film is that if you are not a big gainsbourg fan yo may find it confusing.

By Blogger Víctor, at 10 August, 2010 11:11  

well, sorry, but she was at this time…

By Anonymous Daniel, at 10 August, 2010 11:52  

she may have been naive and innocent but she wasn't tuneless and she didn't dance like the was having an epileptic fit.

the portrayal of her was WRONG WRONG WRONG!

i did think that lucy gordon as jane was very good though.

i did like the film but i left the cinema feeling underwhelmed.

By Blogger mordi, at 10 August, 2010 12:34  

I haven't seen the movie, though I'd love to. I've seen the trailer, and I saw the scene with France Gall singing 'Baby Pop'. And you're right, Mordi.. they did manage to portray France just as you said. That's a shame, because it's obviously far from the truth. I do think the portrayals of BB and Jane were relatively close to accurate. I live in the US, so it will probably be a while before I will get to see it in any way. I do wonder what France thinks of this movie, and what it must feel like to be portrayed in such an off-the-wall way. But it is a biopic, and they don't always get things "just right". ~Darby

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 August, 2010 13:34  

thanks darby - i knew i was not alone in my thoughts!

By Blogger mordi, at 10 August, 2010 14:12  

The name of the actress who plays France Gall is Sara Forestier.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 August, 2010 15:48  

let's beat sara up!!!

By Blogger mordi, at 10 August, 2010 16:44  

THE FILM WAS TERRIBLE! I almost walked out halfway through. By the time Bardot walks in, the limited budget for the film really starts to show and it just gets more ridiculous and annoying from there on. I have to say though, the bit with France Gall singing while her dad plays the piano was hilarious and the best part of the film in my opinion (though don't doubt my love for her music).

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 August, 2010 16:21  

I watched the movie yesterday and was also annoyed by the way France Gall was portrayed. Moreover, when France Gall sang Baby pop, she already had recorded several other Gainsbourg songs for more than a year and even had won the Eurovision Songfestival with one! So the film is even historical wrong at this point.

By Anonymous Bombong, at 11 August, 2010 16:54  

good point.

By Blogger mordi, at 11 August, 2010 17:24  

...regarding the sequence with FG by Sara Forestier, i do think that the next sequence with SG and a bunch of girls, etc makes forget the bad performance of the actress! Remember this next sequence? ;))

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 August, 2010 08:19  

the real gainsbourg is unsurpassed and this film is comparative to "Great Expectations"

By Blogger yaya, at 19 August, 2010 08:05  

I am so disappointed in this film. It's crap. Gainsbourg deserves a better film.

By Blogger Tosh Berman, at 26 August, 2010 03:35  

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