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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

christie 4 day week

in 4 days time you'll be able to make your own e.p. with these great tunes from edith piafs groovy sister in law!

7 comment(s):

Nice one mordi! Christie Laume is brilliant:

"Je m'appelle Christie... hee hee..."!

(Apologies for terrible French!)

By Anonymous S Brown, at 19 May, 2009 18:50  

terrible french is always welcome here!

By Blogger mordi, at 19 May, 2009 20:40  

¡Increible! Muy bonita chica y la canción es magnífica.

¡Gracias Mordi!

By Anonymous Diego Daniel, at 20 May, 2009 18:09  

I can put Delboy to shame with my Franglais!

Here's an unexpected question: what do you think of Helen Shapiro? :-)

By Anonymous S Brown, at 20 May, 2009 19:09  

i am open to finding out more about helen- any top tune suggestions?

By Blogger mordi, at 20 May, 2009 21:40  

helen shapiro has an incredible voice... the only song i have by her is Sans Penser A Rien.


By Anonymous brooks, at 21 May, 2009 04:18  

A non-video video (!) of her singing "Don't Treat Me Like a Child":


Amazing voice, and like France Gall, very young indeed when she started out. 14 I think when she started making records.

By Anonymous S Brown, at 21 May, 2009 19:04  

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