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Monday, May 11, 2009

isabelle weekender

again this is amazing. with it's fuzzy guitar, wonky piano and yé-yé grooves this song rules the school.

does anyone have the other 2 songs from this e.p.?

4 comment(s):

Woah! that's a little belter, and the other song is ace as well. Isabelle's a new one on me - and I too have fallen for her filthy fuzzed-up grooves and innocent enfant vocals. Thanks for the introduction!
Dom @ L'Amour Electronique

By Blogger Dom, at 11 May, 2009 12:25  

i hope it gets played at one of your lamourelectronique nights!

By Blogger mordi, at 11 May, 2009 21:39  

Wow. Words fail.

By Blogger Shannon Drury, at 12 May, 2009 18:13  

FAB to the power of GROOVY!!!

What a find! Apparently AMSTRAMGRAM is on the new 'WIZZZ!' compilation (as well as Chorus Reverendus' sublime 'Dans son euphorie'), payday can't come soon enough!

By Blogger Will Kane, at 12 May, 2009 19:23  

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