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Monday, February 02, 2009

nico weeko - monday

..send them all avay! written by lou reed and taken from her best album 'chelsea girls'.

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My pb with Nico is that, despite her apparently good songs and obvious great arrangements and orchestrations, she has always sounded like a karaoke singer to me ! She sings so badly ! Worse than Vartan in her early years :-)
However i dont dislike "Winter song" or "These days" (even if her way of singing is so hoooorrible)

By Blogger Nonosse, at 02 February, 2009 13:23  

oh no romain!
it is her voice that MAKES these songs so good. her germanic heavy tone that's almost out of tune creates such a strong image when she sings- it brings depth to every song- i will try to convince you the rest of this week!!

By Blogger mordi, at 02 February, 2009 13:30  

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