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Sunday, January 18, 2009

s.j. week - sunday

not the saucy whore from sex and the city but the lesser known 60's chick. once you hear her voice in the opening verse of this song you will be totally hooked- it 's brit chick marvyness.

(all this weeks pictures from the unofficial sj website)

6 comment(s):

oooh Sam Jones, she's a fave of mine. my fave of hers is 'Somebody Else's Baby'

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 January, 2009 22:30  

haha mordi you're awesome, your site is awesome, your musical tastes are awesome, and because of you "marvy" has entered my daily vernacular. I don't think I should thank you for that but thanks for showing me all about french retro music!

By Blogger Unknown, at 19 January, 2009 06:43  

Me ha gustado mucho perderme por la frescura de tu blog no me quedo mas remedio que leer asta los comentarios que te han dejado. recibe un cordial saludo.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 January, 2009 10:10  

thanks rakeem for you awesome and marvy comments!x

thanks everyone- i think you should enjoy this week - lots more marvy sam to come!

By Blogger mordi, at 19 January, 2009 10:20  

Yeah you're right , for me Samantha Jones was the name of a character of "Sex & the city" :-) I had never heard of that singer. Thanks for that discovry :-)
I have been hooked to P├ętula & Sandie for a long time and i just discovered Lulu ! So now i know Samantha Jones.

By Blogger Nonosse, at 21 January, 2009 14:07  

Never heard of her, but thought I try her out with your first post.


She sounds like a French singer int he sixties singing English songs phonetically. Odd, but enjoyable.

Good job and thanks

By Blogger Lacey, at 27 January, 2009 09:44  

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