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Thursday, November 27, 2008

kudos me!


thanks everyone!

one million kisses,

mordi x

9 comment(s):

Kudos indeed!

Shows that a lot of people appreciate your opening up to them an opportunity to hear such great music. Precious little of it gets exposure on the radio, so many thanks from me. Much of this stuff I would never have heard of without your posting them.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 November, 2008 01:11  

Congratulations and thank you for all the good stuff I've found here.

By Blogger Dane, at 29 November, 2008 13:26  

Congratulations on your Megamordi! Serge would be proud.

By Blogger Jay Schiavone, at 01 December, 2008 17:22  

Thank you for making my favorite blog.

By Blogger Almie Clarissa Darling, at 02 December, 2008 01:48  

and kudos to '60's pop, Here's to millions more!

By Blogger PJS, at 02 December, 2008 02:08  

Congratulations, Mordi. Your blog is amazing!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 December, 2008 08:50  

Yay! Well done!

By Blogger Will Kane, at 03 December, 2008 21:05  

woo-hoo! well done - for getting to a million, sure, but mostly for running the most consistently great music blog out there!

By Blogger bjr, at 05 December, 2008 22:00  

Nice blog, Mordi! I love th Jane Birkin pic.

By Blogger Pokey, at 28 May, 2018 06:28  

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