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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

21st century jane - tuesday

don't look so sad jane- this song is great!

i hope you enjoy this week and that it helped me get nearer to ONE MILLION hits......!

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5 comment(s):

Today, I'm hit No.999998. Maybe I should come back twice. :-)

Congratulations, sir! Here's to another mil! And as always, thanks for the ace sounds!

By Blogger Davecat, at 26 November, 2008 16:40  

Always nice to know you can help someone achieve their personal goals. Keep on postin' and rest assured it's appreciated.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 November, 2008 16:47  

yeah let's go for another million more ... thanks for sharing so much good music !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 November, 2008 23:59  

Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to share these great songs.
Now we just need a million comments ;-)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 November, 2008 16:05  

Firstly, I enjoy your blog and thanks for writing it: secondly, the mp3 file seems to be unavailable - hopefully this can be soon remedied.

By Blogger Paolo Meccano, at 10 January, 2009 10:58  

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